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Haiguzhai Manchu GardenNearby City

Haiguzhai Manchu Garden

1 Reviews
72.8 mi from Suihua, Harbin
"Harbin surroundings was found by me such a fairyland snow valley Bohai ancient village Manchu Garden is very angry, this place last week wanted to come, the result of friends last week became ill and trip stranded! The result this week Harbin's temperature directly dry to zero! February! North China Ice City! Zero! I have never met these ice and snow attractions! The ice and snow world is not open! This place was discovered by chance on the Internet, seeing this snow valley at that time decided to go to disk it! The navigation is very accurate, if you want to go to friends directly navigation! The small scenic spot is not big, even will let some friends disappointed, but this snow valley is really quite fresh! But we went when it was already warm, the shape of the snow valley has been damaged, not so good looking. So I found pictures of his home directly online, it was spectacular when it was cold! The boss is better, and we have not confiscated the money to take a photo, and we have not prepared to dress in the color. The scenic area mainly shows the true culture of women, and the Manchu costumes can be dressed for photos. The scenic area can eat, sleep, play, and barbecue in the summer. The boss said that it will be bigger this winter, so the friends can go to punch in next winter and take beautiful photos! Tickets on the spot: 25 online price: 20 #Haiguzhai Manchu Park [location] in Acheng District, Harbin # 100 meters east of Haigou Elementary School in Acheng District, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province"