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Water Parks
Hangzhou Bay Haipi IslandBusiness Suspended

Hangzhou Bay Haipi Island

4.5/51408 Reviews
"Water Parks"
35.5 mi from Haining, Ningbo
"In summer, you must go to the water park | Haipi Island Water World so hot weather so happy to soak in the water ~ Summer we went on Monday, 😎 The flow of people is not very much, many projects can play several times! I will not feel bored until 10 o'clock in the evening, super fun~ I like to take pictures of sisters remember to bring a good swimsuit, sunglasses are also a magic weapon with high film rates, makeup remember to be waterproof, sunscreen is also necessary~ In addition, you need to prepare slippers, towels, Mobile phone waterproof bag and toiletries! If you are not too troublesome, you can bring some water, the scenic area must have some expensive outside ~😃 There is a storage room in the park, which can be used to put the luggage ordinary cabinet: 20 yuan / deposit 20 yuan precious cabinet: 30 yuan / deposit 30 yuan paradise address: No. 928 Binhai 2nd Road, Cixi City, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province Ticket price: 180 yuan / person, There is a student card 150 yuan travel: self-driving (Jinhua departure 250 kilometers three hours) said that my favorite part of the island revelry season is the sound tweezers, it is too hi, everyone followed the music hi, the scene burst. ➕ Pirate revelry activities from July to the end of August, so don't worry about not going when you do not have, if you just want to participate in the audio game, you can go in the evening, buy the night game only 130 yuan, five o'clock forward the game is ok, the audio game starts at 7:30 in the evening, In the middle can also go to play~ the rest of the fun is the slides~ feel a re-warming of childhood, the water cool, can also feel the joy of the rapid decline! Highly recommend seafloor rafting, sea snake dance, super whirlpool, water fog city, sea of rage, rainbow rodeo, rabid shark kiss, deep sea giants, hurricane trumpet! ! ! All are fun, especially the rainbow race, the big trumpet, the excitement can not help people scream~ The hotel near the scenic spot: 😃 Underwater Hot Spring Hotel (on the edge of the scenic spot, the nearest, about seven minutes walk, it is recommended to book this) Home-like Baiyun Hotel (Ningbo Hangzhou Bay Store) Jiabin Hotel (Hangzhou Bay Century City Shop) Nanyuan E Home Hotel (Hangzhou Bay Century City Shop)"