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Liangzhu MuseumNearby City

Liangzhu Museum

4.4/5252 Reviews
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Ranked #1 in Yuhang District Can't Miss Attractions
40 mi from Haining, Yuhang District
"The Liangzhu Museum, which has been open for three years now, presents a spectacular historical picture of 5,000 years ago. 📝 Card Raider: 🗿 Visit time is about 1-1.5 hours. If you look at it more carefully, it should take longer. Remember to reserve time. 🗿 The Museum is divided into three exhibition areas: Water Town Zeguo/Civilized Holy Land/Yu Soul National Ancestral Hall, which is displayed in a three-dimensional and real way, so that the archaeological achievements of Liangzhu site and Liangzhu culture can be presented comprehensively to every visitor. 🗿 The interior area is not very large, but the external environment is unexpectedly praised, there are ponds crowded with lotus flowers, and the central patios in series of exhibition halls, even if they encounter a rainy and gloomy day, they are still worth full marks. So, in addition to watching the exhibition, here is also really good. 📌贴心TIPS:1⃣️Visit the "Liangzhu Museum", you can make an appointment online at the public number of your home in advance, and you can enter by brushing your ID card directly. 2⃣️ The museum has a storage cabinet. On the left hand side of the door, it is the first choice for a more relaxed tour. 3⃣️ The museum is very close to the "Liangzhu Cultural Village" and is suitable for shopping and eating. There is also the "Xiaoshuguan" of the net red, you can make an appointment in advance, and get the perfect punch line. The increasingly popular Dahangzhou, True Treasure is full ❤️"