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Beijiquan Sceneic Area

Beijiquan Sceneic Area

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10 mi from downtown
"We stayed in the Arctic Springs the next night. Summertime can be fishing boats or picking blueberries and red beans, wintertime can be ice fishing or skiing, absolute natural skiing. There are all the living and play items in the scenic area, staying here for three or four days will ensure you do not eat and play again! This is the source of mineral water of the Arctic Springs, don't underestimate the trickle, is this later named "Arctic Springs" of the spring, the daily outflow of up to 230 tons, the springs out of the instant E. coli content is zero, zinc, arsenic, arsenic, More than ten kinds of trace elements and minerals are beneficial to human beings, such as iodine calcium. Water used in the scenic area is from the Tiantai Mountain scenic spot of Arctic Springs. There are more than twenty Tiantai Mountains in China. Tiantai Mountain of Jiagdaqi is the northernmost mountain in China. It is a ecotourism scenic spot integrating Paleolithic rock painting, wetland fog sightseeing, stone forest stone sea landscape, and representative animal and plant resources sightseeing in cold temperate zone. The whole scenic area is divided into four major attractions: Tiantai Mountain, Luquan Peak, Alpine and deep valley original ecological experience area, and forest Yaoquan Yaogu Health Preservation Area. Now Baiquangu Scenic Area has set up self-driving tour service station, there are parent-child play projects, tram charging stakes, RV rental services, eating leisure single-family small room, one-stop service, very convenient! The normal metabolism cycle of the human body is 21 days, but because of the unique climate conditions here, walking every minute and every second in negative oxygen ion 3.8 50,000, PM2.5 is close to zero, causing a metabolism to accelerate to 7 days once, so you must be greedy and breathe in the Mohe River here. After four days, I feel a degree of whiteness! The summer average temperature is 20℃ in the large forest, is the best place to escape the summer heat! The Guanyin Mountain Scenic Area is the original Guanyin image of Hainan Nanshan, in 2006, the north moved to the Mohe River, two Guanyin images north and south look, remote response, become a lot of visitors to pay a visit to the place! Taking Guanyin Studio is a disrespectful act. There are no photos here. Friends who have seen "Climbing Kanto" must be familiar with Rougegou. Hey ~ Rougegou is in this scenic spot, so coming to Guanyin Mountain Scenic Area is also a scene reappeared ~"