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Hongwujuntuan Zhengzhibu Ruins

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Ranked #15 in Danba Can't Miss Attractions
Historical Sites
Inside Jiaju Zangzhai Village near 001 Township Road, Danba County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan ProvinceMap

What travelers say:

[The Regiment of the Red Five Troops Political Department Relics] Located in the Jiaju Village, Jiaju Village, Danba County, this is a very distinctive tiling-style building with three floors of space inside. The first and second floors are exhibited items left by the Red Army in the year. The third floor is an open platform. The viewing effect is great, you can see the Grand Canyon and the sea of mountains on the other side directly, and it is also a great place to take pictures. As a red cultural heritage and characteristic of the building of the Danba dormitory, [the ruins of the Red Five Legion Political Department] has become a must-kicking place for tourists to come to the Tibetan village of Danbajia, although hot but still insist on free to visitors, is indeed a very conscience of a landscape. By the way, there is a country road under the tower, where cattle and sheep pass by on a daily basis. Don't disturb them!


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