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Benbo Temple (bangpusi)

Benbo Temple (bangpusi)

4.3/536 Reviews
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Ranked #8 in Daocheng Important Religious Institutions
17.2 mi from downtown
"Let the soul come to a blooming trip 🌟Highlights and features: [Recommendation reason] Daocheng, Aden, Sichuan, a secret realm that allows the soul to bloom, fascinating. There are many Tibetan Buddhist temples, Bangpu Temple is one of them. It is located about 10 kilometers from the Yading Airport, and you can see its golden eaves from a distance. The Tibetan drivers are very enthusiastic. It is recommended to visit it for free. So, our car turned into a small road and went straight to the temple in the col. The sky is also very blue, which contrasts with the red walls and golden eaves of the temple. We are attracted by the innocent and hearty laughter of a few children playing with prayer wheels in the temple. Without preparing any gifts, he gave the pen he was carrying to the children and asked them to take a photo. The smile is particularly bright, there is no trace of sadness, unlike the children in the city, who have too much academic pressure. Although they have simple clothes and look like they haven't washed for a long time, I can feel that their hearts are clean and pure... The temple is very large and there is a square in the center. Because of the epidemic, the temple is in a semi-closed state and no one is chanting. Only a few lamas are bathing in the sun on the square. This is a kind of long-lost leisure, just to calm down and carry out a serious reflection on life, there is no answer, and no result... [Address Location] Located more than 10 kilometers away from Yading Daocheng Airport. 🚗Traffic strategy: [Traffic route] It is recommended to charter a car. Although there is an airport bus that costs 50 yuan per person to Daocheng, there are no stops on the way. 💰Per capita consumption: [Ticket price] This is an attraction open to the public, no tickets are required and free. [Suitable for the crowd] Mainly for tourists who like to play quietly, you can take a lot of photos that feel pure. 📌Little Tips: 【Travel TIPS】Because you are in Tibetan areas, you should pay attention to the customs of Tibetans. It is best to bring some stationery to send to Tibetan children."


4.2/519 Reviews
Ranked #14 in Daocheng Important Religious Institutions
4.8 mi from downtown
"While visiting Daocheng, we drove around and took pictures, and accidentally came to the largest temple in Daocheng-Xiongdeng Temple. It was around 5 o’clock in the afternoon. The gate of the temple’s main hall had already been closed, but there were two monks chatting in the parking lot outside the temple. I asked my wife to get off the car and ask if I can still visit the temple’s courtyard; The middle-aged monk not only agreed with us to visit the courtyard, but also ordered people to take the keys to the two halls and take us in. The Tibetan temples are strictly forbidden to take pictures, so we naturally dare not make any mistakes, but the middle-aged monks see through. In consideration of our minds, he not only introduced us to the history of the temple for more than 600 years and gave us candies, but also offered to let us freely take pictures in the hall. The kindness and simplicity of the heart made us very flattered. . When we expressed that we wanted to light the Buddha lanterns to pray for blessings, he enthusiastically asked the monks to help us fetch two large boxes of Buddha lanterns for us to pray for. When I told him that my wife was birthday today, he sincerely sent blessings He instructed my wife to light the lamp according to the Tibetan Buddhist method of praying; apart from their enthusiastic and sincere help throughout the whole process, they did not hint at incense money or merit money. Such monks are my most respected! Of course, this is what we are willing and reasonable to donate. Madam had an unforgettable birthday in such auspicious and holy atmosphere."