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Dubai Hydroplane Experience

Dubai Hydroplane Experience

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4.7 mi from downtown
"Dubai Seaplane Day Tour Guide Nowadays, some Chinese people have a lot of money, they will not be satisfied with domestic travel and choose to travel abroad and buy valuables. After all, the price of overseas travel is cheaper than domestic travel, and the price of foreign goods is much more favorable than that of domestic travel. Tariffs can be refunded, which has obvious advantages. If you are prepared properly, the cost of a trip can be offset, which is equivalent to traveling abroad for free. 2020 is Dubai hosting the World Expo, so it is now vigorously promoting Dubai tourism. Here is recommended for tourists who want to go to Dubai to provide a day trip guide to Dubai by seaplane. Recommended reason: Dubai is a world-famous tourist destination, a city built on the desert. We are familiar with many buildings, such as Sailing Hotel, Jumeirah, Palm Bay, Burj Khalifa... The best way to see these buildings in all directions Just take a seaplane to look down from the sky! Transportation: You can choose a local travel agency, package transfers, and book on some online platforms, but it is very restricted by unpredictable factors such as wind. If the wind is too strong, it will be grounded. Tickets: The price varies, ranging from 100-180 US dollars. How to play: After booking online or from a local travel agency, a car will be picked up at the hotel at the designated time. The car will go for about half an hour. After arriving at the terminal, you will wait, because it depends on the wind force issued by the local weather department. Information to decide when to take off. The seaplane can take about 9 people, and the co-pilot seat is of course the best position! However, you can also take pictures through the hanging windows of the plane. The seaplane will hover over several major buildings in the air for a week, so that passengers can take pictures. It is still quite good. It takes about 25 minutes from take-off to landing. Then the vehicle takes the passengers back to the departure hotel. Travel TIPS: Dubai is an Arab region. Ladies go out as far as possible to wear scarves. Some occasions need to wrap their heads and respect local religious customs!"