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"Snow Mountains"
Ranked #1 in Zermatt Can't Miss Attractions
74.3 mi from Geneva, Matterhorn
"Compared to the Jungfrau, the unique shape of the Matterhorn is even more unforgettable. Such a Yamagata represents a country that is indeed well-deserved. It is recommended to stay in Zermatt for at least one night. I stayed for two nights. After I arrived, I stayed for one night. The next day I took the train to the observation deck. On the third day, I went to Zermatt and left. Zermatt is a very lovely town, beautiful and well-equipped. You can see the Matterhorn directly in the town. You can just brush your teeth and wash your face early in the morning and go downstairs to watch the golden mountains. Whenever I think of the time spent in Zermatt, it feels so wonderful! The Matterhorn can be visited by cable car or train. The viewing locations of the two ways are different. It is said that the mountain top reached by the cable car will be closer, and there is also a glacier paradise. I chose the train because I wanted to take a reflection. The train ticket can be discounted with the Swiss Pass, and the Matterhorn can be seen during the entire train journey, as if it was driving around him. I was very excited to pat all the way in the car, and the other people in the same car were not surprised and calm. Those Swiss uncles and grandmothers even took out wine bottles and small wine glasses directly on the train to have a chat. This kind of life is happy. envy? Looking at the reflection, I got off at the second to last stop Rotenboden. There is a gate to swipe in and out, and there will be a toilet when you enter. It's so beautiful to say it out loud! The whole world is still! It is said on the Internet that the airflow is stable and there is no wind and waves in the morning to take a reflection. It was noon that day when I arrived there, but the surface of the lake was like a mirror, including the whole afternoon. The surrounding snow-capped mountains are also extremely beautiful. There were aquatic plants and fish in the first lake, and the aquatic plants in September were already green and yellow. Tourists usually take pictures in this lake. Go inside after the filming. After a while, there will be a smaller lake. There are no water plants and few tourists. The reflections taken are more quiet. If you have time, you can continue to hike in. After the end, you can take a small train to the top, but personally feel that the view of the Matterhorn at the terminal is not as good as the second to last stop, the second to last stop is forced! But the terminal station can see the glacier, which is very close, and the glacier has a better impression than Jungfrau. Switzerland is a must-see tourist country, and the Matterhorn is a must-see stop when visiting Switzerland."