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Botanical Gardens
Wanaka Lavender FarmNearby City

Wanaka Lavender Farm

4.7/524 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 381 reviews
"Botanical Gardens"
Ranked #2 in Wanaka Amazing Natural Scenery
24.9 mi from Gibbston, Wanaka
"The lavender manor that was not in the itinerary was stopped by Wanaka on the way to Queenstown. Although it was not the best blooming season, it was still breathtakingly beautiful! To The ticket is $10 per person, and a sticker is given after payment is the admission voucher. There are a variety of lavender-related merchandise in the store. Let's enter the park first and wait for a look when we come back. To Entering the scenic spot, there are two large arc-shaped lavender areas, which are already very luxuriant, and the elegant and fresh lavender fragrance permeates the entire garden. To Inside, there are all kinds of colorful flowers. I am ashamed that I only know lilies, and the others are not named~~~~~~ The colors and shapes of the flowers and grass are super nice, and I can’t help but want to keep them all in the camera. in. To Farther down, there are lavender manors planted in pieces. It may be for the reason of blooming in batches to extend the viewing period. Some lavenders have not yet bloomed, but they have also witnessed the appearance of different growth periods. To There are two big pigs at the end, sleeping soundly. The appearance of these two pigs is completely different from the domestic ones, they have variegated hairs, but in the end their fate is still the same... To I thought that the large area of the park was at the end, but found that there was a purple lavender in another area, and it was beautiful to pose here! The blue sky and white clouds on that day were also extremely powerful, and the films were so beautiful~~~~~~~~ To Back at the inn, I bought two cans of ice cream, the white one is Manuka honey flavor, the red one is mixed berry flavor, the former is more pure and honey, recommended! There are also 5 kinds of honey that you can try for free. If you like, you can take a bottle home! In addition to food, there are also daily necessities, such as soap, essential oil, aromatherapy, etc. All the surroundings sold are related to lavender, a very meaningful spot!"
Little Paradise Dream GardenNearby City

Little Paradise Dream Garden

1 Reviews
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"Botanical Gardens"
25.2 mi from Gibbston, Mount Creighton
"The road from Queenstown to Glenorchy is one of the most beautiful roads drove in the whole journey, and the beauty along the way is definitely more than that of Glenorchy. We stopped as much as possible when we saw the view point and there was a parking place along the way, and at a certain point we walked up to a small slope. There is a place called little paradise along the road, you must not miss it! Here is a combination of cafe, hotel, museum, and garden. If you only visit the garden, the owner will charge extra. The garden is very large and built on the hillside. As soon as I entered the yard, I heard the cry of some kind of animal, and later discovered that there were not only plants, but also peacocks and turkeys. Because of the long hours of sunshine in early summer, part of this trip that attracted me was the flowers blooming in New Zealand. From the yellow locust trees that grow wild and unrestrained in the mountains, to the different colors of begonia flowers piled up into walls, to the huge roses of various varieties to hold your skirt corners and make you completely immobile. The garden of little paradise is huge, if it weren't for the arrows to guide me along the way, I would have lost my way here. The upper body can be worn very bloated in winter, and a large silhouette mink sweater is quite warm. But you can't wear too much for the lower body, a pair of shaping leggings is a great choice."