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Water Parks
Lanjing Water Amusement ParkClosed at 11:30,14:30

Lanjing Water Amusement Park

4.5/52 Reviews
"Water Parks"
5.8 mi from downtown
"I found a new swimming pool by accident. Everyone's evaluation was not wrong. There was a group purchase, so I went to experience it. Although the address of this swimming pool is written on Guangzhi Road, it is not on the side of the road. If you enter from Guangzhi Road, you have to go through the football field on the left until you reach the end and pass the parking lot first. If you take a car, you can go to the left 220 or 963, and get off at the Denggang community station. Do not wash 100 meters to the back door of the swimming pool. This is the nearest. There are 3 games in one day. It will be opened at 3:30 in the afternoon. 2 minutes. The locker is a temporary structure. The locker is in the locker. You have to bring your own lock. Otherwise, you have to pay for it. The commissary) the shower rooms are one by one tin house, that is, the security pavilion. There are 8 shower houses in the ladies' area, which have hangers, movable showers, exhaust fans and light switches. You must turn on the left exhaust fan switch before you go in and change your clothes. Because the iron sheet room is baked and hot, the exhaust fan must be turned on to the water when you enter the shower. There is no warmth and no hot water but the sun reaches d water. Duxingchacha. There are three pools in this field, one with a belt inflatable and slide pool, one with a doll pool, and one with a standard pool. The standard pool has floating lines and separate lanes. The water quality is really good. One side is 4 meters and the other is 8 meters, although it is 8 meters deep. , But there is a ladder beside the pool, so the corporate ladder won't overwhelm you. In the afternoon, there are not many people who swim in the water. Basically, one swims in one lane."