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Grandview Aquarium

Grandview Aquarium

4.4/55403 Reviews
Ranked #7 in Chenzhou Fun Attractions Nearby
641m from downtown
"I believe that many people will see a lot of fish tank and ocean world propaganda when visiting Zhengjia Square. But everyone should be thinking about whether to go as well as I at the beginning, after all, from the door to see the venue is not very big. OOOOO finally couldn't resist the curiosity and bought tickets with the little friends. After entering, I found that I had always missed this good place. The decoration and design inside are very beautiful & spectacular. There are many fish tanks in the stadium, the brightness of the lights and the decorations in the fish tank are very suitable for taking pictures, and I saw many young ladies and sisters on the way to pose. I still can't understand why this aquarium is so large, but I'm responsible to tell you that it's really not as small as it looks, and it's more than enough to play for more than two hours. OOO Note OOO1: Don't turn on the flashlight 2: Watch the children don't put their hands in some open fish bowls casually 3: Remember to buy water before entering, the drinks inside are very expensive! ! Not good to drink 4: There are other consumption items inside, you can choose to enter the small animal kingdom. But it is recommended not to experience the 5D movie, the quality is bad, but the chair will move, want to experience this movie recommended to the Guangdong Science Center. Recommended index: 4 stars are especially suitable in the hottest weather, men, women, children and adults are very suitable. Couple dating, parent-child tour, and fox-friends are all very good choices. The only downside is that the tickets are a bit expensive..."