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Guangdong Provincial Museum

Guangdong Provincial Museum

4.6/51364 Reviews
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Ranked #1 in Guangzhou Must-Visit Museums
1.6 mi from downtown
"The Guangdong Museum, located in Huacheng Square, is the best place for Guangzhou people to watch exhibitions. The museum not only contains many permanent exhibitions of historical relics and artifacts, but also has different types of short-term exhibitions to be held in a year. Let the friends who love art follow. This time, I mainly visited two recent new exhibitions, the "Solemn Vientiane One Chinese Land and Water Painting Art Boutique" and the "Silk Road Guanghua One Guangdong and Anhui Cultural Heritage Boutique" and the "Solemn Vientiane One Chinese Land and Water Art Boutique", which show the ancient Chinese temples or private works The ceremonial painting used in the meeting of the water and land law is an important type of traditional religious painting in China. The exhibition contains about 70 rare and rare artifacts of water and land, ranging from the solemn and elegant court water and land paintings to the various styles of people asking about water and land paintings. A large-scale exhibition of cultural relics jointly organised by the Provincial Cultural Heritage Bureau of Guangdong and Gansu Province, featured nearly 500 artifacts from various cultural and cultural institutions in both places, many of them precious or first-time exhibits for viewers. The cultural relics of Guangdong and Fujian, crossing 2000 kilometers, together show the different styles on the Silk Road. The most pleasant surprise is the original and replica exhibits from the Mogao Grottoes and Maijishan Grottoes in Dunhuang. The exhibition also creates a classic scene of Maijishan Grottoes, which makes visitors feel like they are entering the real caves and creating a immersive exhibition atmosphere. It is the best choice to cultivate temperament and improve artistic recognition to come to Guangdong Museum to watch exhibition slowly during the holiday."