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Guangzhoushaonian Children Library

Guangzhoushaonian Children Library

4.6/515 Reviews
3.2 mi from downtown
"Weekend when come to this library to listen to a lecture, this library is located in the fourth road of Zhongshan farmers training school next to the station, the door is the farmhouse station, there is also a subway line 1 farmhouse station, so the traffic is very convenient. There are plenty of paid parking at the entrance to the library, but it is often full and it seems that there are a lot of people going to the library, but this parking lot is not only for people going to the library, but also for people going to nearby places and special parking places for the farmhouse. I don't know how to charge, I didn't drive. Walking along the road is the gate of the library, there is a big statue outside the door, there is no time to study who that person is. Entry to the gate needs to queue for security checks, people to pass the security checks, bags also need to pass the security check machine, like the subway security checks, basically is routine checks. After the security check, the machine in front is the gate, should have a reading card people directly brush reading card into, if not, as I brush fingerprints into, too advanced, but I also do not approve of in the public place fingerprints, I came to the lecture that day, there is no way, Must brush. The lecture was in the lecture hall on the third floor, which was really not enough signage and was not very good, because I knew it was on the third floor, so I walked up the stairs. On the second floor, I didn't see the obvious stairs on the third floor. I had to walk along the road, but there was no way. I had to ask someone, the original staircase into the back staircase, need to be like a fire door out, then go upstairs, but I did not see signs, no special person to direct everyone."