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Danzao Fairy Lake ResortNearby City

Danzao Fairy Lake Resort

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28 mi from Guangzhou, Foshan
"Xianhu Resort, Danzao Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City is located in the west of Nanhai National Ecological Demonstration Park. Fairy Lake, with a water surface of more than 1,600 mu, is the second largest lake in the South China Sea. It is located in Danzao, a famous hometown of overseas Chinese. The resort has a subtropical oceanic climate, with warm winters and cool summers, pleasant seasons and sufficient rainfall, with an annual rainfall of 1600 mm. The average temperature is 22°C. The terrain of the region is hilly terrain, with gentle hills and shrubs all over the fruit forest, which has natural advantages for creating a tourism and vacation environment. The green mountains and waters, beautiful scenery, lush green everywhere, and fresh natural breath. After years of development, Xianhu Resort has formed a certain scale and relatively complete infrastructure. It has an area of 200 hectares, an international standard 18-hole Nanhai Golf Course, a five-star Xianhu Hotel, and a four-star Prayer. (Xianhu) Hotel, three-star Xianhu Bay Plaza, Xianhu Beach Playground, Guanghu Mountain Ecological Garden, International Conference Center, Holiday Villas, Sauna, Bowling Alley, Water Club, Western Restaurant, Equestrian Club, BBQ Ground , tennis courts, leisure sports parks, as well as a number of scenic spots such as Tianyuandi and Xianjing, as well as leisure home Xianhu Garden, Golden Hometown Garden Villa and the now-constructed Qifu Nanwan Peninsula."