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Nature Reserves
Guanyin MountainNearby City

Guanyin Mountain

4.1/567 Reviews
"Nature Reserves"
Ranked #6 in Fogang Can't Miss Attractions
59.4 mi from Guangzhou, Fogang
"As the saying goes: only go to Putuo, not to Guanyin, half way. I have been to Mount Putuo for 5 consecutive years. This year I came to Qushan Island to eat seafood and worship Guanyin Mountain. Guanyin Mountain Scenic Area is located on Qushan Island, the highest peak in Daishan County, with an altitude of 314 meters. It is said that Guanyin Bodhisattva, the holy place of Buddhism, Mount Putuo went to Mount Putuo to practice the Taoist temple on the Guanyin Mountain of Qushan for 3 years, hence the name Guanyin Mountain. The mountains are high in the forest, the temple bells are heard early in the morning, the prayers are chanted in the evening, and the mountains and islands are seen from the sky, the clouds and fog are the sun and the moon. The scenic spot is centered on Guanyin Mountain and consists of three temples on Guanyin Mountain, the upper, middle and lower temples, the 11-story white stone tower, the lighthouse and the beach. The highway leads directly to the top of the mountain, and there are also walking trails up the mountain. We drove under the first Jiuqu Bridge pavilion and walked up the mountain. It has been built very neatly and the steps are easy to walk. I didn't get to the top of the tower because of time, but I listened to it and prayed for blessings in several big monasteries. The wish has been fulfilled in the past two days. It is really effective! Maybe it's a matter of course, maybe the hard work pays off. In short, everything is fine, thank you!"