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Thousand-Step High Ladder Scenic Spot

Thousand-Step High Ladder Scenic Spot

4.8/513 Reviews
"Observation Decks"
Ranked #18 in Longsheng Can't Miss Attractions
33.2 mi from downtown
"In the morning after the rain, the sky is still gloomy. The parking lot of the Longji Dayao Village Terrace Viewing Area, along the winding mountain road, starts to climb again. The mountain road is more difficult to walk than the road to Pingan Zhuangzhai. , The slope is big and the turn is sharp. There is a hotel on the road. There is a viewing platform in this hotel. The view is very good. Then I continued to drive up the mountain, and I encountered a small hotel that was closed. There was a sign indicating a thousand-story ladder on the downside of the hotel, but the paths were all thatched, and it seemed that few people passed by. I continued to drive up the mountain and passed by a house under construction. I asked the workers to find out that the entrance of the thousand-story ladder viewpoint was at the bottom of the slope where a parking fee sign was hung. The parking lot is small, and there is no charge. There is a sign for the entrance of the thousand-story ladder in the parking lot. The path is very narrow, and some places are the ridges of terraced fields. Along the way, I saw farmers farming on the terraced fields, and an old Yao nationality's grandmother was selling things in an old small house on the side of the mountain road. After driving up the mountain, I found that the road to the Qian layer ladder was on the mountain opposite the Golden Buddha Peak. When we arrived at the Qian layer ladder viewpoint, we found that our position was on the mountain opposite the Golden Buddha Peak and Longji Jinkeng Cableway Station. The scenery of the thousand-story terraced viewpoint is even more beautiful, and the terraced fields after irrigation reflect layers of golden light. From the point of view, the thousand-story ladder is south of the Golden Buddha Peak. If it is sunny, the sun shines on the Golden Buddha Peak, the mountain peaks, and the colorful and golden terraces are too beautiful. There are not a few tourists at the Thousand-Story Sky Ladder viewpoint. According to the road conditions, it seems that if you are not driving by yourself, it is difficult to get here by climbing the mountain. The scenery of the Longji Terraces Jinkeng Melaleuca Terrace View Point is so beautiful, it can better reflect the meaning of "Golden Keng" here. To visit the Longji terraces, choosing a self-driving tour is the best, and you can enjoy more magnificent scenery."