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Mysterious monument, the starting point of human civilization-Gobekli Stone Array Go to the "City of the Prophet" Shangli Urfa to explore the Gobekli Tepe. This is the first and oldest temple in the world, with a history of 12,000 years! It was discovered by a local Kurdish in 1994 and excavated by German archaeologists. Mysterious and ancient human civilization, let the world marvel at it! After the excavation, the site has been fully protected, and surrounding scenic spots and popular science visitor centers have been built. Various multimedia interactive popular science education can allow visitors to understand this amazing historical site in all aspects. Tips: Tickets are 25 lire, and the tour time is about 3 hours. You can apply for a day trip or charter a car. Enter from the visitor center and take a battery car to reach the foot of the hill. Surrounded by a lush plain, the natural scenery is simple and beautiful. Shanliurfa Haliliye Gobeklitepe