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Harbin Wanda Theme Park

Harbin Wanda Theme Park

4.6/53528 Reviews
"Amusement Parks"
Ranked #3 in Harbin Can't Miss Attractions
7.5 mi from downtown
"Harbin hot snow miracle ( melt create snow world) all year long constant temperature minus 5 degrees Celsius, can be comfortable seasons to entertain snow. It is a good place for skiing fans to enjoy the summer skiing, and for beginners to feel the unique charm of snow sports. It is even a safe and easy children's snow trail for children. Snow trails: 8 cable cars: 2 snow trails: 80m above sea level: 120m above sea level Other entertainment: 6 snow trails with different slopes, up to 80m vertical drops are very close to real snow, which can make ski enthusiasts enjoy the "white opium" The smooth and smooth manufacturing can also make beginners feel the unique charm of ice and snow sports. It even prepares a relaxing and safe children's snow road for children. At the same time, there is a 1.5 10,000 square meters super large entertainment snow area, whether it is family and friends grouping, or family and children traveling. You can find your own surprises here. Snow Entertainment Equipment: Ski slides, bumper balls, boards, snowball soccer snow tracks: The snow field has eight snow tracks: Big Bear Road, Squirrel Road for junior skiers, Cubs Road for entry skiers, Snow Rabbit Road for intermediate skiers, Tiger Road for senior skiers, Black Dragon Road, Park Road for high-level skiers, moose road for middle-level skiers, eight snow road into the primary road, intermediate, high-level 3 types of snow road."