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Wangjiang PavilionNearby City

Wangjiang Pavilion

4.3/545 Reviews
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Ranked #18 in Qiqihar Can't Miss Attractions
168.7 mi from Harbin, Qiqihar
"When we were children, we looked forward to Children's Day, because that day Lonsha Park was free for children. As soon as the day broke, we picked up the yellow schoolbag with a bread and a boiled egg that we had prepared, and ran to the park. We can see from the Wangjiang Tower, which can be regarded as the commanding height of Qiqihar at the time. We look at the whole picture of the park under the shade of green trees, the blue waves of the labor lake, and our home in the distance. We ran around on the Jiuqu Bridge, we went on a swing, and felt like we were flying in the air. We just played in the park all day. Today, more than 40 years later, I came here again. Although it is the end of March, I still can't see the shadow of spring in the north, but I feel that everything is so familiar and so kind, which makes my heart surging. I yearn for the innocence and happiness of childhood! Love today's happy life even more. I only now know that the park was built in 1907 and was originally named Cangxi Park. The founder is the anti-hungry hero Cheng Dequan. The park has been open to visitors for free. The main historical site is the Elephant Pavilion-the historical memory of a century-old garden. Ancient trees-such ancient trees are particularly numerous. The Russian Consulate-Russian architecture , Wangjiang Tower, Jiuqu Bridge, Swing-still in their original positions, but the wooden structure has been replaced with iron."