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Ala Moana Beach Park

Ala Moana Beach Park

4.6/598 Reviews
Ranked #2 in Honolulu Great Urban Parks
1.3 mi from downtown
"The plane just landed and saw the rainbow through the window! Honolulu is so beautiful! The chance to see a double rainbow every day is very high~ I fell in love with Hawaii in an instant! Honolulu has everything to eat, drink and have fun, the best is to relax, is a place to go and want to go countless times. I have no interest in the attractions. During the period in Honolulu, I went to shopping malls, beach walks, and various eating and buying. Recommend a few restaurants that I think are good~ Niujiao Japanese BBQ specialty store in Japan I love to eat its BBQ in Japan! It saved my Asian stomach by eating in Hawaii! Happy hour is very affordable, but we chose self-help, so it is good! Weekend night 45 dollars, still very good value! Beef and pork are delicious! Dessert is not inferior! Eggs'n Things from Hawaii to Japan have to try the net muffins. I personally feel so normal, but my husband loves to eat, he ate for two days... It seems that the dessert is something the man likes to have nothing to do with women... Honolulu has many stores, I think the environment of Waikiki is too normal. The drinks are not good, do not recommend! Directly ask for ice water! Red Lobster is also a net red shop, and you go to eat without waiting. The steak is not bad, but the lobster is difficult to say... I think the lobster pizza is very delicious, Husband complains that it is made of side materials... The Cheesecake Factory cake is not bad, it is more heavy. Other food is very ordinary, the environment is very general, it is too bad smell... Blue Water eats the most pleasant surprise! Just in the Hilton Resort! The environment is very general, the big brand, the taste is amazing~ Loco moco and combo牛排 and shrimp are super recommended! Tips: We basically pay cash, but the tip is difficult to make! Recommended card..."