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Otaru AquariumNearby City

Otaru Aquarium

4.5/542 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 412 reviews
Ranked #16 in Otaru Can't Miss Attractions
78.2 mi from Horokanai, Otaru
"The Otaru Aquarium is not well-known and the indoor area is not large, but there are many animal stars here, such as companies, porcupines and various deep-sea fishes. The dolphin show is the most popular item. There is a timetable on the official website of the aquarium. You can do your homework in advance, and I recommend that if you are visiting Otaru with your parents, you can add this stop. The aquarium is located in the northernmost part of the entire city of Otaru. It takes about 15 minutes to reach the entrance of the scenic spot by bus in front of the station. The time is fixed. There is a reminder on the timetable on the platform. If there are a lot of people, you can also consider taking a taxi. The whole journey is about 5km or so. If you take a taxi, it is about 80 yuan, which is not very outrageous. The entrance fee for the scenic spot is 1,400 yen, which is quite expensive in terms of area and scale. Children's tickets are as cheap as less than RMB 30. There is indeed a lot of area here, and there are not many tourists. Because of this, there are more opportunities for animals to come in close contact with each other, and they waved to us when they saw the rows of companies. The sea lions are also very clever in playing football programs, as well as posters and the like. There is a Chinese explanation at the entrance of the park, which is in Japanese and English. The view on the beach itself is not bad, it is highly recommended."