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Lake Shumarinai

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Lake Shumarinai, Horokanai, Uryu District, Hokkaido, JapanMap

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  • kazuwox

    Calm, cosy and quiet - my favorite place. Unapproacheable in winter

    Pretty much isolated from tourist attractions, very lesser-known place even to Japanese. Visited mid-May by a rent-a-car, still lots of snow left, which gave me an impression that as if I were somewhe...

    Reviewed on /Date(1423525911000+0800)/
  • ogaikujapan

    You can feel nature in a camping camp.

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    There is a camping ground, and if possible, I can feel nature greatly when I stay for a long time while watching the lake which changes every time by camping or staying. If it is quiet and sunny at night, the stars can be seen beautifully.

    Reviewed on /Date(1602288954000+0800)/
  • Extraordinary802970

    It's quiet and big.

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    It was in a quiet mountain where I didn't think the railway was running in the past. I don't feel like it's in a deep mountain, but I think it's cold in winter. I visited on a sunny day, so the camp on the lake seemed to be pleasant.

    Reviewed on /Date(1599009319000+0800)/
  • anapairotto

    I stopped by after I got the Damm card.

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    I couldn't go to the back because there was snow. If you have ice on the lake from now on, you can fish for the sardines, but this year it is warm winter and it rains in December, so I'm worried about the ice. The lake in the winter is quiet and the scenery is quite good.

    Reviewed on /Date(1575227087000+0800)/
  • Brian07890953

    Anyway, big!

    Original Text

    I visited the red leaves and the tracks of the abolition. The red leaves are beautiful on the east side of the lake. I recommend from the east side of the dam and camp site. The tracks of the abolition can be seen from the Hunan side to horokanai.

    Reviewed on /Date(1570642541000+0800)/
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