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Huayi Brothers Movie WorldNearby City

Huayi Brothers Movie World

4.5/56324 Reviews
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Ranked #9 in Suzhou Can't Miss Attractions
43.5 mi from Jiaxing, Suzhou
"Huayi Brothers Movie World (Suzhou) is a tourist resort located in Suzhou Yangcheng Lake Peninsula, Jiangsu Province. On the last day of the May 1st holiday, there are no people in the imagination, and it is very pleasant to play. Holidays will delay the closure time, increase the night scene, and play more cool! ❣️ Five regions 1⃣️ Star Light Avenue 2⃣️ Feichengwu3⃣️ Assembly No. 4⃣️ Taiji5⃣️ Tongtian Empire 🎠 Suitable for Eva Every area has facilities for children to play. If you bring children, it feels that time passes quickly. 🎞️ There are many suggestions for programs to pay attention to the public number, understand the day's show schedule in advance, and arrange it reasonably. 🚙 Traffic: It is recommended to drive by yourself, parking lot is very convenient 🎫 Tickets: There is no sales counter on the spot for individual passengers, and the staff still let everyone buy the day ticket on various platforms online. 💡 Note ☞ There are many discounts on the day of ticket purchase. It is recommended to buy tickets online at least one day in advance. 🍲 Catering: There are simple snacks and meals in the park. If 🈶 time, you can go to Yangcheng Ring Road (about 1 to 2 kilometers from the park) to taste farmhouse dishes at the end of the play, many shops choose."