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XiaolianzhuangNearby City


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21.2 mi from Jiaxing, Huzhou
"Xiaolianzhuang is a classical garden building built in Qing Guangxu. It belongs to the private garden forest, family temple and Yizhuang of the richest man in Nanzhao, located in the west of Nanzha Wangu Bridge, north of Linxi, and across the river from Jiayetang library. Originally Liu's temporary residence garden, from Guangxu 11 years (1885), in the Pok Zhou replanting willow, replanting, layout of the Taiwan, the establishment of the temple, 40 years, in 1924 completed. In Mu Yuan Dynasty calligrapher Zhao Meng 𫖯 Huzhou Lotus Zhuang, and from the name "Xiaolian Zhuang". The main building on the south bank of Hechi Lake, "Retired Xiaoyan", was built near the pool and designed with exquisite design. It is the best of the Jiangnan Shuiyan architecture. The Liu family temple is the main architectural complex of Xiaolianzhuang, separated from the garden corridor. The family temple was built in 1888 and was completed in 1897. It is the place of the Liu family to worship the ancestors. The main hall of the family temple is three-opened, five pillars into the Ming Dynasty, and six pillars into the Ming Dynasty. The hall of the Ming hung the Xuantong Emperor's "succeeding Xianmu" Jiulong Jinzhu a piece, to show the glory of the Liu family. The west side of the house is Liu's Yizhuang, built in 1922, and is now the "Shu-tao Scholarship Achievement Exhibition Hall. Jiayetang collection building, adjacent to Xiaolianzhuang, is built in 1920 by Liu Shusun Liu Chenggan, because of the Qing emperor Puyi donated "Qinruojiaye" Jiulong Jinyan. Jiayetang library, the size of the large, rich collection of books, the original book building and gardens into one, to collect ancient books, is a famous private collection of modern China, is a national key cultural relics protection. After liberation, the original owner of the book building donated to the Zhejiang Library, It is now a public library and a tourist attraction."