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West Sheshan ParkBusiness Suspended

West Sheshan Park

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"Churches and Cathedrals"
35.3 mi from Jiaxing, Shanghai
"The average altitude is only 2.19 meters in Shanghai. High buildings are difficult to avoid and high mountains are difficult to find. Welcome to the new height, then go to Lushan. Lushan is the main vein of the Tianmu Mountains in the adjacent areas of Zhejiang and Fujian. There are two peaks in East and West, Dongguan Mountain elevation 72.4 meters, Xiguan Mountain elevation 100.8 meters (the saying is many), is the highest peak in the interior of the Magic City. When you are young, take the cableway to the top of the mountain; Many years, the cableway has no trace (the original to the West Hills of the Lushan cableway, 1086 meters long, the height difference 86 meters, in 2008 dismantled), hiking up the mountain. Communicable disease control, the North Gate into, the East Gate out (two doors at the foot of the mountain 150 meters). Follow the path of the North Gate ~ Xiudaozhe Tower ~ Bell Tower ~ Astronomical Museum ~ Peak Church. Nearly 400 steps and hundreds of meters uphill mountain road, pure walking time is 25 minutes, all the way is mixed. Happy. The green trees and leaves of the mountains, the towers of the towers are towering, the view of the mountain top is endless, and the thick negative ions are in the heart and lungs. Unfortunately. The astronomical museum - maintenance, church - maintenance, the heart - all closed, can only take a face outside the door. Don't go back. From the top of the mountain ~ Xiyu Road ~ Beiyu Forest Path ~ Xiudaozhe Tower ~ Dongdaemun, on one side is a cliff bamboo forest, on the other is a slope tree + distant high building, changed a landscape line. The distance is a little longer, mainly slopes, save a lot of effort."