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Wang Mountain Sceneic AreaNearby City

Wang Mountain Sceneic Area

4.5/589 Reviews
Ranked #8 in Suzhou Stunning Lookouts
34.7 mi from Jiaxing, Suzhou
"Suzhou Photo | Wangshan French Manor met the Louvre in Suzhou Xinjin Wanghong punching ground, located at the foot of Wangshan Mountain, relying on a new commercial complex developed by a tea garden, there are net red afternoon tea, large tea garden, European architecture, etc., a new choice for Suzhou weekend tour. -✅ punch card: Wangshan·Meet the Louvre 📍 address: Wangshan, Wuzhong District, Suzhou City, it is recommended to drive by yourself, parking is free 🎫 tickets: free - ⛺️ [point worth punching] 1⃣️ The net red cafe where the wooden Mimi Cat Coffee opened soon, there are five glass bubbles next to the white tree house. You can sit in the bubble room for coffee and cats, buy a 168 package for two people can take pictures in the bubble room cats for an hour, pay attention to pre-booking, too hot to line up. 2⃣️ Knowledge and love song Wangshan old net red cafe, the cafe is very big, more than a dozen tree houses, sitting and drinking coffee is very comfortable 3⃣️ Tea Garden here is a large tea garden, this time is just the time when the tea garden is prosperous, suitable to camp, take pictures, walk here. Find a pear tree in the tea garden is in full bloom, and under the green background of the tea garden, it is particularly out. 4⃣️ European style square here has a very French square, various sculptures, fountains, special architecture, as if it is in a French town, there are many art shops worth visiting. -"