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National Parks
Xishan National Forest Park Lingshan Scenic AreaNearby City

Xishan National Forest Park Lingshan Scenic Area

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"National Parks"
60.8 mi from Jiaxing, Hangzhou
"From Fuyang back to downtown Hangzhou, near the Lingshan Scenic Area, I suddenly felt bright. There are high tea mountains, gurgling creeks, and a two-hundred-meter long corridor lying quietly... The road signs passing by, turned out to be Shuangling Village. The beautiful scenery of the mountains and rivers made people unable to get out of the car to take a few pictures and share them with a group of friends. [Attraction Guide] Detailed address: Lingshan Scenic Area, Xihu District, Hangzhou, which is connected to the Fuyang District in the south. Traffic strategy: 1. Self-driving; 2. Bus No. 283 and No. 439, get off at Shuangling Village Committee Station. Opening hours: all day. Ticket price: free of charge. Highlights: 1. Surrounded by mountains on three sides, beautiful mountains and clear waters, the highest peak in downtown Hangzhou, Ruyijian, is located in the village, with an altitude of 537 meters, which is twice the height of the southern peak. The largest reservoir in the West Lake District is also here, with the reflection of the mountains and rivers and the pleasant scenery. 2. Shuangling Village is the origin of the only black tea brand "Jiuqu Hongmei Tea" among the top ten famous teas in Zhejiang Province, and its production skills have been included in the Hangzhou Intangible Heritage List. 3. A small crowd of scenic spots, quiet and leisurely, close to the Lingshan Scenic Area, and also a famous tea producing area, the homestay is relatively developed, and it is convenient to stay and play or enjoy tea. Scoring: If the full score is 5, you can get 4.5 points."