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Nature Reserves
Longwang MountainBusiness Suspended

Longwang Mountain

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"Nature Reserves"
82 mi from Jiaxing, Anji
"[RoundNails] Address: Zhejiang Anji Longwang Mountain Drift. [Car] Travel mode: Foreign tourists can arrive by taxi from high-speed rail station for 1 hour and 10 minutes, and local tourists can arrive by 45 minutes drive. This homestay, with its ancient heritage and the soul of Southeast Asia, is called Ange Pisces Hall. It is located next to Longwang Mountain and Tianmu Mountain drifting. After the winding mountain road, it is full of large stone streams, continuous bamboo forests, villages built on the mountain, deep in the mountains, Pisces Hall B&B is convenient for the river. Anji Longwang Mountain, as we all know, maintains the original vegetation of the mountainous area, is a national AAAA class nature reserve with beautiful scenery. The mountain is a sight of the endless azalea forest, also known as the Tianmu azalea, is a rare Chinese woody flower, the tree age is more than hundreds of years, the branches of the strange shape, especially beautiful patterns. The scenery on the mountain is very charming, so that every visitor can enjoy the natural and natural body and mind, along the scenic path, the wind blowing, and the birds singing, it is your Anji Pisces Hall ▪ Hot Spring Resort B&B all rooms with panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows. Everything is aimed at providing a warm and comfortable home to the returning family Anji Pisces Hall ▪ Hot Spring Resort is a local cultural homestay that brings together people from different cultures and backgrounds from all over the world. The concept of "balance, surprise" is adopted as the concept of B&B, aiming at creating a special lifestyle that can create a balance between work and life, and providing guests with a natural, comfortable and pleasant vacation space. The ancient trees in the homestay are towering, a path connected by bluestone slabs, and a welcome arch built by four seasons flowers to guide you into the homestay building, the large view room, the wooden house villa, the 200 square meters lawn is the birthday, the world of the engagement party, the infinity pool, private hot springs, Leisure fishing is also the favorite of couples. The B&B has 14 rooms with different styles. Spring can enjoy flowers, listen to birds and flowers, summer can watch stars, autumn can see the maple leaves falling out of the window, winter can soak in the hot springs in the B&B and go back to the room to sleep. The homestay is equipped with a swimming pool, a chess room, a hot spring pool, meeting room, children's playground, cinema, tea bar, children's play area, etc. TOTO bathroom, intelligent LCD TV, high-power central air conditioning, high-end toiletries, all hope to provide guests with a warm and comfortable home, a pot of tea, reading a book, no MSG chicken essence farmhouse dishes, can let you nourish your heart and body. We have a farm-style service, farm-style dishes, and special duck-billed fish, so that you have a feeling of home. [Bicycle] Surrounding features: Drifting from Longwangshan Canyon, Longwangshan (Changtan Village) 4.6 km from Huangpu River source, Adventured Drifting from General Guan 4.8 km, from Anji Feng Tonglushan Flying Camp 7.5 km, from Liu'an Huaming Anji Camp 7.7 km, From the Wind Paragliding Club 7.5 km. #I want to go out to play #Spring comes #Hot Spring Hotel #Staying in a local high-value homestay #I will understand the high-end hotel Longwang Mountain"