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Haining Tide

Haining Tide

4.5/5299 Reviews
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Ranked #3 in Haining Can't Miss Attractions
27.3 mi from downtown
"🌈 Attractions: Haining tide 👉 Introduction: Qiantang River is located in Zhejiang Province, China, and finally into the East China Sea. The tide at its entrance is Qiantang tide. It is famous all over the world. Every year, many tourists come to see this wonder. ⏰ Tidal viewing time: Aug. 15, Lunar New Year. 🙇 Best viewing place: Haining Yanguan viewing area. 📝 Qiantang River is the largest tide, with a few meters of tide head. On the Qiantang River, the water army is reviewed on August 18 of the lunar calendar and will follow the Xicheng Festival. Except for the three-day tide-watching festivals around August 18, the first and middle months of the lunar calendar have large tides, and can be seen as a tide three "chasing the tide tour". 🌊 Landscape Introduction: Before the tide came, a small white dot appeared in the distance, turning into a silver line in a twinkling, and accompanied by a burst of thunder-like tide, white line rolled and came. 🌤️ Historical origin: watching Qiantang autumn tides, as early as the Han, Wei, Six Dynasties has become popular, to the Tang and Song, this wind is more prosperous. It is said that the Lunar Calendar August 18, is the birthday of Chao God, so the highest peak. The Southern Song Dynasty once stipulated that this day in Qiantang River Colonel reading the water division, later along the study, August 18 gradually become a tide-watching festival."