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Chexiucheng Shuicai Gallery

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ExhibitionArt Museum
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Closed Open from 9:00am-9:00pm
Address: 3078, 3rd Floor, New World Mall, Maanshan Road
Phone: 15288875439

What people are saying:

It is not difficult to splash out the starry sky. The superb watercolor experience class has tried oil painting several times, but it is indeed the first time we have come into contact with watercolor. We were still very flustered when we were painting Xiaobai. The customer service of the experience class gave a very intimate notice in advance and suggested that we choose the course on that Sunday, because there is a very professional teacher to explain the whole course, which makes this first experience interesting and relaxing, and it feels great throughout . In the morning, I sat at Tiyuxi Road Station and walked very close. The customer service has always been patient to give directions. Entering the store, the venue is very large, and the decoration is very artistic and relaxing. There are snacks and tea, so you can pick it up. The teacher feels very professional and has worked with many brands. Starting from the basic knowledge of watercolor, there are factual demonstrations of simple painting methods for each painting tool, and step by step to simple watercolor demonstrations such as stars and flowers. Two methods are taught. Starting from a piece of white paper, following the teacher’s process, I didn’t expect to paint for half an hour and it still looked a little bit. Aha, although it was rough, I was still quite satisfied and very fulfilled. If you feel unsatisfied, you can also ask the teacher on the spot, and the teachers are very enthusiastic to help make changes. The two painting methods prefer the one that is all wet first, which feels more interesting and natural. The teacher suggested that it is best to follow your own ideas, so the overall painting process is very comfortable and relaxing. After the experience class, I want to get a set of watercolor painting tools by myself. In addition to watercolor painting, there are many children here who come to class, and there are also trainings in oil painting. It feels very comprehensive. The toilet is upstairs in the fashionable Tianhe. You can drop by to see the peacocks in the atrium.

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