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Polingjiasa Heritage ParkNearby City

Polingjiasa Heritage Park

4.7/510 Reviews
Ranked #3 in Barkam Local History
30.9 mi from Jinchuan, Barkam
"Here is a place that makes you relaxed and happy. Tibetan friends talk about Poling Jiasa (Chinese translation of Baoning official city) is worth a visit. It has a long history since the Tang Dynasty. It is a historical site that integrates Tibetan and Han political, economic, religious, cultural, and military strategic fortresses. Hearing about this, I aroused my infinite yearning,,, Stroll along the Somo River embankment to the cable bridge of Polingjiasa Site. The bridge is a cable bridge. The deck and handrails are laid with wooden planks. Walking on the bridge deck swayed from side to side as you walked around. I was used to a steel or concrete bridge that was like a flat ground, and I felt a little nervous. The water of the Suomo River, which has been flowing gently and quietly, reached the narrow section of the cable bridge at the Polingjiasa site. The water began to become turbulent, and the roaring river water made deafening noises. It is like the sound of the fighting of thousands of troops on the Poling Jiasa ancient battlefield, leading me as a newcomer into the "battlefield". Passing the cable bridge, and walking up the winding air wooden staircase corridor erected on the steep river bank, oncoming is the colorful forest of prayer flags, printed with the classics of Tibetan Buddhist teachings of yellow, red, white, green and blue. , Which are connected vertically and horizontally by long ropes and crossed together, highlight the mystery of Tibetan Buddhism everywhere. In Malkang, there is a fusion of various schools of Tibetan Buddhism-Bon, Huang Sect, Nyima Sect, etc., passing through the colorful forest of prayer flags, a resplendent prayer loft, and a few pious Tibetans. Moms, chanting Buddha's words in their mouths, walking around this prayer attic and touching the prayer wheels, with a solemn expression and very pious expression, praying for family safety, health, longevity, happiness and auspiciousness, thank you for this piece The gift of land and heaven to a good life. The Tibetan compatriots here are indifferent to the cycle of life and death, and have an infinite love for life and nature. Today’s mountaineering does not have much altitude sickness. The steps are vigorous and vigorous. Breathing in the fresh and earthy valley breeze, bathed in the hot sunlight, I follow the winding steps and occasionally support the wooden fence to climb quickly. Follow up. Along the way, I hardly encountered other tourists. Although I was alone, I saw every scenery, whether it was close or far, the mountains, water, trees, prayer flags, blue sky, white clouds,,, Climbing up the stairs, the mountains are steep and the roads are tortuous. It was only in the Tang Dynasty that the Duhufu was established here. The terrain is dangerous, surrounded by mountains and rivers, defending against dangers, and convenient for protection. It has become a battleground for military strategists since ancient times. Facing the dazzling sunlight, looking up, several lonely, towering castles came into view. Today, these flat, solid, unbreakable, and indestructible castles are covered with weeds and thorn bushes. Walking in the treetops and clumps without knees, the thoughts at this time can't help but ups and downs in the shift of time and space. Thoughts from afar: Back then, the iron horse was golden, the beacon was in flames, and there were thousands of troops and horses. It would be one heart, a Tibetan and Han family, fending off foreign enemies together, with all arrows, and invincible. Magnificent and spectacular, how delightful! ! ! Sigh, time has passed, the years have no trace, since ancient times, all the glory of history has been obliterated by the long river."
Zhegu MiuntainBusiness Suspended

Zhegu Miuntain

4.1/576 Reviews
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Ranked #5 in Li County Can't Miss Attractions
44.2 mi from Jinchuan, Li County
Super 月
"2-day tour around Chengdu | Snow Mountain 🏔️➕ Hot Spring ♨️ Cost-effective Wink 🥳 As a southerner, I want to stay away from the city in winter and feel the natural charm of the snowy mountains in western Sichuan. Freedom ❄️ Hot Spring Freedom is a must. There are both girlfriends and peers ⛷ and lung washing package 🍵 It is important to have a affordable price. (The secret of the Luxury Hot Spring 100 ➕ is at the end of the oh 🤫) Itinerary 🚗 At 8 o'clock in the morning, all the friends of Chengdu set off to drive by themselves through the Guergou (Su) of Wenchuan, Dujiangyan, and the whole journey is about 3 hours. Accommodation 🏘 After arriving at Guergou, any family custom hot spring hotel is very warm and clean. There is floor heating price per person 200 | Don't worry about luxury hot spring 100 ➕ in the following 👇 itinerary 🚗 Put your small luggage in the hotel 🧳 and Happy Source 🍺🍾 Continue (about 1 hour drive) Lushan Nature Park (Tickets are available at the ticket office or online group purchase price 34 💰) Go to the scenic parking lot at the door 🅿️ and there is a short journey 🏔️ to the parking lot. When you get off the car, you will see a visual impact. There is some snow on the mountain and black things like sesame size are moving slowly. My friend told me that it was a yak 🦬 haha 😆 days The air is particularly good ☀️ All ultraviolet light has the place that the sun shines not cold at all. I have applied thick sunscreen 🧴 Only the cold wind makes the exposed skin feel tingling. Bring the gloves 🧤 Wear the snow boots. There is no problem all the way ~ Skiing ⛷️ We rent snow suits and skateboards. I feel that the price is too high and I can only ski for a while and give up 🎿 decisively. We went next to buy 70 💰 sled versions 🛷 and 30 💰 "ass pads" (how long it takes to play in a special area) and then all kinds of pats 📷 mainly cartoon animal modeling and snow house. (Note ⚠️ Don't run and speak loudly. There is a risk of oxygen deficiency ~) Return 🚗 One hour back to Gulgou It's dark and found a stew soup pot to eat almost 7 or 8 o'clock back to the hotel and then everyone will say it (Travel is to change places to drink 🍺😂) Good night 😴📍 On the second day, I went to Ramada Hot Spring Resort Hotel early in the morning. The lowest price on the Internet is 1k ➕ We consulted the boss at the hotel we stayed last night and took the room card to consume 158 💰 🤫 How long is it indoors, outdoors, Forest No one can see the pictures and know that it is super cool ~ Clean up slowly at noon and return to Chengdu for a pleasant 2-day tour end ~ More dry goods must share with you 😝"