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1.5 mi from downtown
"Finally, we will return to the southern end of Durbar Square in Kathmandu and walk into the single wooden temple. In the center of the temple is the statue of our unknown Hindu deity. This temple is famous besides being built with the wood of a big tree by the locals. What's more important is that it was originally a public house where pilgrims and passers-by rested and was later built as a temple. Since the 12th century AD, the entire city seems to be built around a single wooden temple. Initially people named the city "Kasthamandap", the Sanskrit name is Kathmandap, which means beautiful city, and the Nepalese name is Kathmandu, which means single wooden temple. It can be seen that this temple has played a very important role in the history of Kathmandu. It may be said that it is a witness to the history of Kathmandu. There are also two temples near the Dumu Temple. A large multi-story temple used to be a collective activity center, but now the gate is closed and it looks very deserted. The other small golden-topped temple enshrines the gods worshipped by both Hindu and Buddhists, so almost everyone passing by will enter it or ring the bell or worship, which is very lively. These two temples are said to have been renovated more than a hundred years ago. Although Nepal’s national history has experienced ups and downs over the past century, it seems that the preservation and repair of temples and other ancient buildings in Nepal has been doing well. ."