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Tamarind Springs Forest Spa

Tamarind Springs Forest Spa

2 Reviews
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3.3 mi from downtown
"[Tamarind Spring Forest SPA] Tamarind Spring Forest SPA is one of the world’s top ten spas in Koh Samui. This SPA does not allow you to take pictures except in public areas. It is famous for its mystery. The whole manor is built on the hillside and lush and lush. It takes two and a half hours, and the camera and mobile phone are not allowed to be used for the massage, which ensures privacy while keeping people away from the disturbances of modern society. Cost: 1200 yuan per person. [TIPS] You need to make an appointment. After you arrive here, you need to fill in a form, some questionnaires about your physical condition and massage intensity. Then change to the provided clothes and disposable underwear, steam in the natural stone cave, and scrub with various materials to remove dead skin, rinse off, and soak in natural spring water for half an hour. The most unforgettable thing is to soak in the cool natural spring water, which wipes away the boredom and heat in the heart, and the tranquil environment also makes people completely relax. Then there is a one-and-a-half hour massage with warm coconut oil. There is no one everywhere on the hill. The breeze is particularly comfortable. Indulge in the quiet music and massage. Finally, the warm coconut oil makes the skin and joints thoroughly cleaned. Relaxation is definitely a spiritual journey you should not miss. After the end, we also provided very delicious Thai snacks. Coordinates: 205/7 Thong Takian, Maret, Koh Samui, Surat Thani 84310,"