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Nara Park

4.7/52005 Reviews
"City Parks"
Ranked #1 in Nara Incredible Wildlife Areas
23 mi from Kyoto, Nara
"Anyone who has visited Nara may not be impressed with the Japanese temples, but they are definitely impressed with an animal. By the way, the sika deer are everywhere in Nara Park, sidewalks and temples. Speaking of sika deer, it is a first-class protected animal in China, belonging to the endangered species, need special protection, usually can only see from afar in the zoo. It never occurred to me that the sika deer on the streets of Nara were not only in numbers but not endangered, but they were everywhere and interacted with tourists. The city's large lawn, with hundreds of sika deer, is known as the deer park, because it is known for its fear of tourists and its frequent begging. The size of the sika deer and the male and female of Nara Park are all. The young of the sika deer are more afraid of being born. When the visitors come, they will run away. The adult sika deer are much more sophisticated and actively approach tourists and interact with tourists. At the entrance of the park, there are stalls selling "deer bait", which is 150 yen each. Many sika deer are waiting at the stalls. Once tourists buy deer food, they will swarm up and fight for it from tourists. Be sure to be safe to prevent the deer from hurting themselves in the process of fighting, or slobbering dirty clothes. The full-fed deer will rest on the lawn of Nara Park, and visitors can accept the herd, as long as they do not disturb them, can take a close photo with it. In addition to the large number of sika deer in Nara God deer Park, many sika deer also ran to the nearby Xingfu Temple and Dongda Temple, all the way to follow the tourists to ask for deer food, very cute. In short, the sika deer in Nara Park are gentler, friendly and more likable to humans, and playing with the sika deer has become an activity that all visitors must experience when they visit Nara."