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Shali River Scenic Area

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#1 of Summer Outings in Luohe
RiversNighttime sightseeing
Open year round, 24/7
Recommended sightseeing time:2-3 hours
Luohe City Songshan Road Shahe Bridge Cruise TerminalMap
What travelers say:

20231027 All day: 1. Shaqi River is a water system that runs through Luohe City, composed of Shahe River and Luohe River, which is in a human shape. The river bank is 36 kilometers long, and the total area is 44.6 10,000 square kilometers. The area is vast. It takes 3 days to travel completely. The scenic spots have different types of scenery in each river, and there are many coastal parks. The core of the 8 theme parks is the overall greening rate of 98%. The intersection of the two rivers is the essence of the scenery. The night view is beautiful but the lights are turned off at 22:00. It is a collection of health care, photography viewing, water leisure, fishing entertainment, cultural learning, The night view is a waterfront scenic spot in one, but there is no need to go there, because the river banks in the city center belong to the scenic spot, and it is more efficient to use fragmented time to wander around. ① Address: In the urban area of Luohe City, Henan Province. ② Transportation: direct bus, easy to stop by car. ③ peak season: none. ④ Duration: 3 days. ⑤ Ticket price: free, is an open scenic spot. 2. The Luohe River is located on the south side of the intersection of the two rivers, divided into north-south and east-west 2 most. The north-south-to-south section from the north to the south is: ① Historical Square: The land corner at the intersection of the two rivers. The ground of the square is engraved with the ancient name of Luohe City in previous dynasties, that is, the Five Emperors (3078-2069) called Yinyang City, the Northern Wei (386-534) called Qiecheng, and the Tang Dynasty (618-907) called Yinshui Town. The Song Dynasty (960-1279 years) called Shangkou Town, the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 years) called Luo Wanhe Town, and the Qing Dynasty (1645-1912 years) called Yuanhuizhai. ② Sunken Plaza: Greenland Plaza, with table tennis table, Shaqi Waterfront (tea restaurant, but closed). ③ Haitang Theme Park: The seagull flower season is 4-5 month, and it is currently under construction. Currently, only loess and green space are available. ④ Dingwan Bridge: The road bridge across the Weihe River, the 3-hole arch bridge, and the suspension bridge are very beautiful. The river section in the north of the bridge is under construction and is blocked by the mound and the flow is cut off. ⑤ Architectural Gallery: The exterior wall of the building facing the Luohe River is beautifully painted and beautiful. 3. On the north bank of the Luohe east-west, from west to east: ① Water Dance Yunyun: One of the 5 landscape nodes, the center of the small square is the Olympic Five Rings sculpture, in the shape of "6", surrounded by sun-shade seats. ② Stone stele on a large lawn, engraved with "Heart Six Fist Training Base", is a national non-legacy project, the figure of the common martial arts practitioners by the river. ③ Sky Garden: one of the 5 landscape nodes, ④ Shaqi Garden: The engraving on the stone stele, written by the former Minister of Defense and Cao Gangchuan, a Lihe man. There are a lot of mango-like fruit on the surrounding trees, I don't know what tree it is. ⑤ Ningcui Garden: a green area, the round double-square resting pavilion in the middle is very gorgeous. ⑥ Luohe Bridge: The road bridge across the Luohe River, the suspension bridge, beautiful shape. 4. On the south bank of the Luo River, from the west to the east, there are: ① Autumn Worm Fusuo: one of the 5 landscape nodes, a small garden with green land. ② Crescent Lake: a small lake with crescent shape, but close to dry. ③ Rilun Square: The sinking square on the south side of the pedestrian road, many elderly people dance and exercise here, only green space, south of the residential area. ④ Meiyuan: The plum blossom season is in winter, and there is currently only one green. A gorgeous six-point pavilion in the garden is very conspicuous. Words are overdue, continue in the last picture


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