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Lijing Gate

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#5 of Night Attractions in Luoyang
Featured NeighborhoodsHistorical ArchitecturesNighttime sightseeing
Open Opens at 08:30-22:00
Recommended sightseeing time:1-2 hours
233 West Street, Old Town, Luoyang CityMap
What travelers say:

20240417 evening: 1. Lijingmen is a cultural relics in Luoyang City. It was built in Jinxingding in the first year (1217), and was used as the west gate of Luoyang City before the Ming Dynasty (1368-16). It has been destroyed and built repeatedly in history. At present, the building was rebuilt in 2002 and cost 30 million yuan. The first name of Lijing Jingmen was more famous in 2009, and it was more famous in 2009. It covers an area of 1.8 Wan㎡, the building is magnificent, and the night is brightly lit. It is one of the eight scenes of Luoyang. It is known as the "first gate of the ancient capital". It has been said that "less than Lijingmen, come to Luoyang City". The Japanese army surrendered at this gate in the 34th year of the Republic of China (1945). The scenic spot is connected to the Cross Street Night Market. It is a good place for humanistic learning, ancient costume photo, night scene shooting, shopping, and food tasting. It is worth noting that Luoyang City during the Sui and Tang Dynasty (581-907 years) also has a Lijing Gate, located in today's Xigong District, not this gate. ① Address: No. 233 West Street, Old Town, Luoyang City, Henan Province ② Transportation: Direct bus, easy to drive ③ Heavy season: No ④ Time: 2 hours ⑤ Ticket price: 45 yuan 2, Lijing Gate includes: ① Lijing Bridge: Shigong Bridge, the bridge railing pillar is a small lion, and in ancient times it was a suspension bridge on the moat ② Licheng: The semicircular double gate that protrudes from the city wall is the design of consolidating the defense ability of the city gate in ancient times. The nails on the door of the outer city gate are 9×9=81. It is the rule of the ancient emperors. It can only be used in the palace gate. The ordinary city gate here with 81 door nails is too unscrupulous. The scorpion outside the city is "Lijingmen", written by Luoyang calligrapher and Chinese Poetry and Painting Academy President Ma Shepherd; The inner wall is "Xiangyun Yuyue" ③ City Wall: three floors high, the inner wall is "Zhongyuan First Gate", by Ma Shepherd's book ④ Bell Tower/Drum Tower: divided into two sides of the main pavilion, the ancient clock can resonate with the bell tower of Baima Temple (4A), the latter is one of the eight major scenes of Luoyang "Ma Temple Bell" ⑤ City Gate Building: Located on the top floor of the three-story building, the top floor is a semi-circle pavilion building. Several rooms are the Imperial History Hall, the Ancient City Regulations Exhibition Hall, the Arms Exhibition, the Heluo Cultural Corridor, and the Tianhou Palace. Because the hall has been closed at this time, I did not enter the indoor visit 3. Chengmen Building is known as "Luoyang First Floor", and the indoor part is: ① Hakka Building: the second floor of the main pavilion, the side is "Luoyang First Floor". The interior on the first floor is hung with the "Wanxiyi Art Museum", and there are paintings (peony, "Luoyang Eight Views", etc.), ceramic artworks, Kowloon Wall sculptures, etc.; The second floor is surrounded by bronzeware, it should be a replica unlike cultural relics, with a few square tables in the middle, like a teahouse. ② Luoyang Emperor History Museum: There are graphic introductions of 104 emperors in Luoyang Jiandu ③ Ancient City Regulations Exhibition Hall: The construction plan of Luoyang Ancient City District is introduced in the form of graphics and texts, models, etc., and also serves as a shop ④ Large-scale weapons and equipment exhibition: located in the south side of Arrow Building, The open-air display of the city wall extended on the south side of the arrow building has three bow beds, stone car, rammed car, single-shot gun, Zhuge Lianqi, Saimen knife car, Shantou flight ladder, Hemu, wolf teeth shooting, winch, pointed wooden donkey and other attacking equipment, and there is a row of long-handled weapons on the city wall ⑤ Heluo Cultural Corridor... Words are overdue, continue in the last picture

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