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Xing'an Shenlu ParkNearby City

Xing'an Shenlu Park

4/515 Reviews
Ranked #4 in Genhe Can't Miss Attractions
148.2 mi from Mohe, Genhe
"Then we came to see Xing'an Shen Deer Park. There are not only one deer park in this area, but during the off-season, many deer parks have been closed. It is difficult to handle by car. Xiaojun contacted in advance and knew that this one was still open. The entrance fee is 30 yuan per person, and the feed for the deer is added 20 yuan. The price seems to be uniform, and several deer parks are at the same price. I really like this Xing'an Shen Deer Park, because it has a large area, it is like a park, and the scenery is also good. Here is a reminder to everyone, the reindeer here are too smart. When you go to collect the feed, don’t let them know, or they will follow you to the shop, or when you come out, just like this handsome guy, immediately surround yourself. Robbery, you will be robbed of your feed within a minute. Thanks to this handsome guy who attracted the deer, we learned how to behave. First, we took the little beans to a side with few people and waited, and then I took a small amount of feed to attract a beautiful reindeer, so that we could dominate this place. It's a big deer, take it slowly, hehe. Reindeer don't like to eat ordinary grass. Their favorite is moss. If we know in advance, we should prepare a pile on the grassland outside so that it can be fed for a long time. Of course, there are not only reindeer in the deer park, but also common sika deer. It may be winter and they were not released. It is a pity that they are all fed with grass. They are not affected by how we attract them. Then you have a lot of horses, approach the horse slowly, don't be afraid, the horse is not as violent as you thought, of course, the premise is that you don't mess with it. Tips: Do not walk behind the horse when approaching the horse. The horse likes to kick people with its hind legs. It is very powerful. Be careful. It’s okay to approach from the front or the side. If it doesn’t walk, Prove that it accepts you to approach it. If they don’t want to, don’t force it, and find the next one, there is always something suitable for you."