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Lachine Canal (Canal du Lachine)

Lachine Canal (Canal du Lachine)

4.8/59 Reviews
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989m from downtown
"People should relax themselves and feel that the slow-paced life is too busy now, without taking a good look at the surrounding scenery, and the pace of life has begun to accelerate. This time I want to take advantage of the holiday to slow down my own pace of life and go for a walk to see the scenery along the way. So I came to 【Lachine Canal (Canal du Lachine)】. Natural scenery Lachine Canal (Canal du Lachine) natural scenery is very beautiful. Whether it is sunny or cloudy, it can't affect its beauty. The blue sky, the blue river, and there are many wild ducks or swans on the water, it is very comfortable. The river breeze extinguished, making people feel very cool. Surrounding scenery The buildings around Lachine Canal (Canal du Lachine) are relatively ordinary. But I like its architectural colors very much. The warm colors make people feel very comfortable. The surrounding traffic is very convenient, and there are many restaurants and hotels around, which brings great convenience to people. Every morning you can see people coming to the river to run and exercise. Life in leisure time Life here is very leisure time, which fits the slow-paced life I want. There will be no special pressure here, and the whole person is very relaxed. I still live here and I can often travel and go shopping. Very comfortable. Reminder Address: 200 Rene-Levesque Boulevard West | 6th Floor, Montreal, Quebec H2Z 1X4, Canada Opening hours: Sunday-Saturday 10:00AM-5:00PM"