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Olu EllaNearby City

Olu Ella

1 Reviews
Ranked #5 in Kegalle Can't Miss Attractions
36.9 mi from Negombo, Kegalle
"Thinking this was the last morning in the tea garden, I wanted to set off early in the morning to see the last tea garden, but the captain was lost. When she wasted my last time in the tea garden, she had to go back to the hotel. I contacted the person in charge of the hotel last night and asked for help to contact the TUTU car to the train station. The Lankan people were very punctual and arrived at the point. So started the journey of the tea garden from the tea garden to ELLA. This time is also the best part of the train trip, there are not many passengers, the whole journey is comfortable! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Here is a reminder. Kang mentioned that there is no need to take the train from the tea garden, but you must take the train from the tea garden to ella, remember! In addition, if you are not very poor, you can still ask the hotel to book a tutu car from the hotel to the train station of the tea garden. You can negotiate the price in advance (about 5 yuan per person), which is convenient and worry-free. They will also introduce you along the way Some local customs in Lanka. And taking pictures of the Lanka people on the train has become a scene. As soon as the train stops, regardless of whether the Chinese or Europeans, they all take pictures with their cameras. After arriving at ELLA in the afternoon, there were various rainstorms. We accidentally walked into the Down Town Rotti Hut restaurant recommended by LP. The taste is very Chinese and very delicious! (In fact, the restaurants recommended by LP are all on the same street because ELLA is really small). The rain was also very strong, we stopped after eating, and stayed at the Rock view guest house recommended by LP. The price was forgotten. I remember it was cheap. It was just across the street and the room was huge. In the evening, I went to a nearby bar and drank a local cocktail, which tasted strange."