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Mackwoods Labookellie Tea CentreClosed at 18:30

Mackwoods Labookellie Tea Centre

4.3/5133 Reviews
"Tea Plantations"
60.2 mi from Negombo, Horton Plains National Park
"The tea factory was founded in 1841 by the British captain William Mackwood. With its top-notch black tea, Mackwoods has always been a black tea supplier for the British royal family. It takes about 2 hours to drive from Kandy to this place. When I enter the tea factory, my eyes are full of green. The eye-catching Mackwoods logo is quite Hollywood style. The staff will first take you to visit the Mackwoods Museum, introduce the history of the tea factory and the tea-making craftsmanship, and then take you to the restaurant to taste tea. The tea is free here, and the chocolate cake for refreshment costs 90 rupees, but the taste is pretty good. The original tea it sells is OP (the dark green outer packaging is printed with a blue elegant ribbon, each pack / 100g, 5 packs are one. This kind of tea leaves are slender and complete, and can be directly brewed and consumed like domestic black tea). BOP (the dark green outer package is printed with a red flowing ribbon, each package / 200g, 5 packages are a piece. This kind of tea is more finely broken, the tea has a strong flavor, and the locals like to cook and filter and add sugar to drink). BOPF (the dark green outer package is printed with a light green elegant ribbon, each package / 200g, 5 bags as a piece. This kind of tea is the most finely crushed, and the tea flavor is the strongest. It is suitable for cooking and filtering milk tea with milk). As for its fruity teas, there are mainly strawberry, orange, mango, cherry, blackcurrant, vanilla, mint, cinnamon, chrysanthemum, jasmine, ginger, vanilla, but they are all teabags, except for fruity teas. In addition, it is not recommended to buy teabags, although they are cheap, but the quality is not good, it is recommended that you buy the original tea from their home! Its original tea is divided into two types: iron cans and cartons. As mentioned above, the quality is the same but the packaging is different!"
Horton Plains National ParkNearby City

Horton Plains National Park

4.5/5224 Reviews
"UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site"
"National Parks"
70.5 mi from Negombo, Horton Plains National Park
"Alpine grassland is worth a visit. Need to hurry early in the morning, we departed from Nuwara Eliya Hotel at 5 o'clock, after a 1.5-hour winding road, finally arrived at the ticket booth. The temperature in the morning is very low, about 5-6 degrees, the wind is also very strong, the fog is also very big, but the scenery along the way is beautiful, and I watched a very beautiful sunrise. Tickets are very expensive, you have to buy a driver and parking fees, which add up to about 6000 rupees. But compared to other scenic spots, I think it's worth it, because the scenery is really good, and I saw wild deer. All the way to the jungle and mountain road, and then to the beautiful grassland, you must have a high degree of sun protection. Because when the sun comes out, it can peel off directly in the sun. I didn't know it, so I didn't apply anything and just tanned it. Around the scenic spot, you can see the "End of the Small World" and the "End of the World" as well as a small waterfall. But I think the scenery along the way is much better than the scenic spots. There is no food in the scenic spot, only a canteen at the entrance of the scenic spot selling drinks and biscuits. It is recommended to bring your own dry food, and go to the toilet at the entrance of the scenic spot (location of the parking lot), because it is difficult to find a toilet inside."