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Ningbo Contemporary Art Museum

Ningbo Contemporary Art Museum

4.6/5100 Reviews
"Art Museums"
0.7 mi from downtown
"Although the architecture of Ningbo has always been boring, there are still a few like it, such as Ningbo Museum, such as Ningbo Art Museum, designed by Mr. Wang Shu, the first Chinese winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize. The blue brick and wooden doors, especially the exterior design, are magnificent. Some people may find it dull, but when approaching this big wooden door, a sense of tranquility emerges spontaneously. It was opened in 2005. Probably many people went to high school and university. On the official website, check out the interesting exhibitions every year. There will be some special exhibitions, and some are charged. It is also worth a visit. The main exhibition halls are on the first and second floors. Sometimes there are some fun things in some areas on the second floor. It happened to be a guqin appreciation. It is really rare. From the melodious and graceful sound flowing from this ancient instrument, you can feel the artistic conception of ancient literati. The production of a good piano is time-consuming and laborious. It may take more than ten years to develop a good piano. In addition to viewing, there will be interactive small Activity, making simple small wooden objects by yourself is said to be simple, in fact, it is not easy for novices to make it. Starting from a square piece of unprocessed wood to the final shape and polishing, it will take about half a day. Unfortunately, that day Arranged other things, or just saw the wood there. Ningbo's cultural heritage is not shallow, but the cultural industry is too barren. I really hope that there will be more such places and more interesting souls."