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Manito ParkNearby City

Manito Park

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22 mi from Post Falls, Spokane
"If you like all kinds of flowers, you must come here! Usually I like flowers and plants, and then you must not miss Manito Park. It can really satisfy all your desires to see flowers. I actually heard about it before I came, and then I found that it really exceeded expectations. I love it. Loved, the location is also very good, in Spokane South Mountain, a completely different perspective. There are a lot of trails, which are convenient for people to watch. At the same time, these trails can also lead to beautiful gardens with various themes. Among the many gardens, my favorite is the rose garden. Of course, others such as lilac and Japanese gardens and ponds are really beautiful in design. Forgive me for my lack of knowledge, some flower varieties are really not named. There are carps in the pond, the colors are very bright, it is koi, haha! The park is very large, and besides the outdoor gardens, there are also indoor gardens, such as some succulents and cacti. Children like it very much. The locals usually bring a family of young and old, and you can spend a day here. There are some ducks, tortoises and so on, try not to feed randomly. Tips: 1. In winter, there are places for skiing. It's colder. I don't care. I like the flowering season and the entertainment facilities are complete. 2. Of course it’s free, don’t feed the small animals in it. 3. You still need to be careful to find this park. It is not the kind that is particularly easy to find, and it may be the first time you go there."