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Wallowa Lake TramwayNearby City

Wallowa Lake Tramway

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"Observation Decks"
100.4 mi from Pullman, Joseph
"Slowly admire the beauty of the tramway. I believe everyone is not familiar with the city of Joseph. If you want to know about Joseph, the most representative one is Wallowa Lake Tramway. Translated into Chinese, it is the Wallowa Lake Tramway. Don’t underestimate this tramway. , The scenery here is not inferior to any place, then I will take everyone to appreciate the style here! Travel Notes I came here by renting a car. In general, the traffic is relatively convenient, and the attractions are not difficult to find. The first thing I see after arriving is the most famous tramway. There is a long stretch between the two peaks. A cable car path, in which many white cable cars come and go, I took the cable car enthusiastically, enjoying the unprecedented pleasure! The cable car is slow, and you can see many mountain peaks along the way. When looking down, there is a green forest. I looked up and felt that I was very close to the blue sky. After the cable car trip, I continued to wander around this attraction and I could see many more Small animals, such as baby squirrels, kangaroos, etc. are cute and loveable! The photo guide is of course the most suitable for taking pictures when sitting on the cable car. The photos taken are very beautiful. In addition, you can also take pictures with small animals such as squirrels and kangaroos. It is also a good choice!"