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Chenyinggong Memorial Hall

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Memorial Hall
Address: 100 meters northeast of the intersection of Miyashita and Frontier Road

What people are saying:

Chen Yinggong --- "General Pingmin" and "Salt God" in the Northern Song Dynasty. In the second year of the Taiping rejuvenation of the Song Dynasty (977), there were only one or two small countries left in the country that had not yet returned to the Song Dynasty. Chen Hongjin, a Hou of Zhangquan, Fujian, segregated the counties of Zhang and Quanjun, and tried to connect the Wu and Yue kings to rebel. Chen Yinggong lived in a troubled world of wars and disasters. He personally experienced the pain of the country’s disintegration and the people’s lack of livelihood. He looked forward to ending the war. He met Chen Hongjin and stated the general trend of the world's reunification. He also analyzed the damage of the anti-Song split. In the end, Fujian was saved from military disasters, and the Northern Song Dynasty basically unified the country, and Chen Yinggong was awarded the title of "General Pingmin". Chen Yinggong also invented the "sun salt method" to make sea salt. This method saves costs and can be produced in large quantities. It is widely spread throughout the coastal areas and was greatly praised by the court. Later generations respected him as the "salt god" and worshipped it for generations. The Chen Yinggong Memorial Hall is located near the Confucian Temple in the Hanjiang District of Putian.

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