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JiaShen ShiJianGuanBusiness Suspended

JiaShen ShiJianGuan

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9.6 mi from downtown
"Jiashen History Museum, located on West Street of the ancient city, is a free and open historical materials exhibition hall. When I got here, the temporary closing notice for August was posted on the door. Fortunately, there is an introduction to the exhibition hall in front of the door. The entire exhibition hall is in a courtyard building. It is the first exhibition hall in China that takes the historical event of the defeat of Li Zicheng Jiashen as a historical fact. Originally, the enthusiasm of such a pavilion would not be too high, but the large series of "golden signs" beside the pavilion door made me curious. Can't help but explore the Jiashen history. ➡️ 1644 AD, the year of Jiashen in the lunar calendar. This year is the 17th year of Chongzhen in the Ming Dynasty, the first year of Yongchang in Dashun, the first year of Shunzhi in the Qing Dynasty, the first year of Daxi Dashun, and the third year of Daxi’s destiny. It is the confluence of four yuan. This year, you sing and I will appear on the stage. The head changes the Dawang flag, this is a rare chaos in history. This year, floods, droughts, and locust plagues continued. It was not a good year for the precarious Ming Dynasty and Emperor Chongzhen. But for Li Zicheng, who was abolished as a postman, was not a bad one. He inherited the title of King Chuang, and from Xi'an all the way, with few waves, he successfully invaded Beijing, another thousand-year-old capital. At that time, the little emperor's power and life were in the hands of his uncle Dorgon. Chuangwang's mobile phone holds two important figures, Chen Yuanyuan and his father, Wu Sangui's concubine from the south. This hand cannot be better. However, Li Zicheng entered Beijing on March 19 and escaped from Beijing less than forty days after he became emperor. During this period, the Shanhaiguan Great War, also known as the Jiashen Battle, took place. Nearly three hundred years later, a real great man said to his close comrades-in-arms, "Today is the day to go to Beijing to rush for the exam. I am happy without sleeping.... We will fail when we return. We will never be Li Zicheng. We must take the exam. Good results!" What people can do today is to accumulate experience and learn lessons from history. History will rule in its most truthful and wise way, whether it is a great achievement or a merit. Taking history as a mirror, such an exhibition hall is worth visiting."