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Bright Day Holiday - Beidaihe SeatopiaBusiness Suspended

Bright Day Holiday - Beidaihe Seatopia

4.8/5288 Reviews
15.1 mi from downtown
"Seatopia Indigo Coast 🤍 The exquisite community on the side of Beidaihe flew with the 17th destination on the weekend to Qinhuangdao, just in time to catch the last bus of the Anaya Drama Festival, and also accidentally found the new Jin exquisite community Seatopia Indigo Coast on the side of Beidaihe. Departure ✈️:6/19 Shanghai Pudong 06:20 - Qinhuangdao 08:35 return ✈️:6/20 Tangshan 20:20 - Shanghai Pudong 22:50 attractions 🏙:# Anaya [brand]# Community: You can refer to my other note # Indigo Coast [location] # Community: A community similar to Anaya is being developed, Currently free of charge. Traffic 🚌: The Azure Coast Community is 20 minutes drive from Beidaihe Station, which is very convenient for taxis. There is a short bus stop in the park and it has not been opened yet. Accommodation 🏨:▪️ Indigo Coast: Marriott Seaview Resort Hotel is not yet open, the location is opposite the Catsong Library, and it is particularly convenient to go to the beach and dining area. Community B&B is also a convenient and affordable choice. ▪️ Anaya: If the budget is enough, it is recommended to stay at the hotel or homestay in the community. First, it saves the daily entrance fee. Second, you can reserve a lonely library, an auditorium and spend in the canteen. ▪️ Gold Coast: The relative cost-effective option is also near the Gold Coast, which is 15 minutes drive away. It is suitable for tourists who only visit Anaya for one day. Food 🍴:▪ Community Canteen: The canteen is a lot simpler than the one in Anaya, but it is still the first choice in the community for value. ▪️ # Cat's Sky City Concept Bookstore (Beidaihe Weirland Coast Store) [location] # Recommend Yangzhi Manna, Milk Cover Beverages, Waffles look very delicate. There is a sea view terrace on the second floor. ▪️# Oceanic Cote d'Azurang Langbar [location]# and North North Coffee are both larger coffee shops in the community and better environment than taste. ▪️ Seafood: There are many seafood small restaurants along the Beidaihe River, and the specialties are generally seafood big coffee and steamed dumplings. Take 📷:▪️ Seascape Block: # Oceanic Azure Coast · Langbar [location] # and # Cat's Sky City Concept Bookstore (Beidaihe Azure Coast Store) [location] # There are sea view terraces, with a more fashionable sea view. There are also swings and sculptures on the beach along the way. ▪️ Beach: There are not many swimmers in June, and wearing swimsuits will appear a little out of place. Monochrome skirts or short hits are very suitable. Art travel | Seaside vacation | Qinhuangdao travel | Beidaihe travel | Weekend free travel | Beijing surroundings"