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Changshou Mountain

Changshou Mountain

4.3/558 Reviews
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11.8 mi from downtown
"The most worthwhile thing to see is the hanging Yang Cave. The hanging Yang Cave is a cave halfway up the mountain. Climb along the stone cave and you can see the sky. When you get out of the cave, you need to go down the mountain. It is very flat all the way. Although longevity mountain is climbing, actually has been in the valley, there is no climbing route. See some scenes on the roadside, are natural scenery. The air in the mountains is particularly clear and sweet. Because there are fewer people, there is no feeling of shoulder-to-shoulder contact in other scenic spots, and it will feel more quiet and unique. Walk along the road to the Xiaoyao Bridge, the average person will go directly to the first line of sky and return to the original road. It is recommended that everyone follow the Xiaoyao Bridge into the second tour route, 10-60 years old can be passable, but also more wild. The main attractions include the one in the road map, the one in the road map, the one in the road map, the one in the road map, the one in the road map, the one in the road map, the one in the road map, the one in the road map, the one in the road map, the one in the road map, the one in the road map, the one in the road map, the one in the road map, the one in the road map, the one in the Because this year rain more, river valley water flow is very large, can play while climbing, walking in thick trees, finally reached the first line of the sky. The first line of the day before relatively narrow, now artificial chisel wide. Although wide but feel no. I used to only have one person, and now I have three or five people side by side, and I can even get through the bus. You said that it feels the same. There is a huge stone in the sky on the first line, quite like the stone at the beginning of the TV series "Dream of Red Mansions". The attraction here is called "Flying from the sky" which means flying from the sky."
Banchangyu Ticket OfficeBusiness Suspended

Banchangyu Ticket Office

4.6/5117 Reviews
18.3 mi from downtown
"At the beginning, I searched randomly for an unknown small spot, and I felt very secluded when driving along the way. When I got here, I received 20 tickets, but didn’t give any tickets. I also said that if the car had to drive to the attraction, the parking lot would only charge 20, and it would take two kilometers less to walk. It was 10 yuan in the parking lot outside. We did not have any tickets after paying the fee. I feel that the charges are reasonable, so there is no truth. Not far from entering, I saw a Lingxian Cave. I went in and took a look. I didn't have a few lights. I needed to use my mobile phone to light the road. I felt that it hadn't been developed yet. The attractions here are all undeveloped and some are primitive, and I like them the most. Going further in is a lot of ruins, but it doesn't look obvious, but a thick dead tree attracted me, like a dragon tree. Going further in, you will reach the parking lot at the foot of the mountain and start climbing. We walked along the concrete road and hung upside down the Great Wall. We also started a donkey road trip. As it was a direct climb, although it was not very high, but very tired, the old man began to return directly. At the top of the mountain, the original Great Wall, the pride of climbing, the joy of seeing the mountains, and the scenery is really beautiful, and I don't feel tired at all. The scenic spot is huge, but it's a pity that we were short of time and didn't move forward and returned on the same route. It's a pity that we didn't see the highest peak and Yixiantian. I hope everyone has time to play, it is definitely worth the money."