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Bingyu ValleyNearby City

Bingyu Valley

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"Geological Sites"
Ranked #1 in Zhuanghe Can't Miss Attractions
179.9 mi from Qinhuangdao, Zhuanghe
"I have just been there. Write down the itinerary for your reference: Arrive at Xianrendong Town in the afternoon and stay. Depart at 6:50 the next morning and arrive at the East Gate in 10 minutes. The scenic spot is divided into two parts: Donggou for swimming and Nangou for watching mountains. Most people go to Donggou first, 148 tickets include ferry and cruise. Enter the door and ferry with your right hand. When you get off at Xianrendu, walk straight ahead and go straight to the right. After passing the Facai Bridge (you can also choose the wading Shengguan Road), you will see the Yingnahu Archway at the top right. Go up the stairs and see the platform. Ship's dock. Take a round trip to Inner Lake, appreciate the strange rocks and peaks, and return to the ferry. Walk through Pinghu Xieyu Waterfall. Donggou ends. There can be rafting in summer, but not now. Then ten dollars to cross the glass plank road (if you don't like the glass plank road but like to wading and climbing the mountain, then go to the water and cross the worship peak, but the mountain road is steep), and then walk along the road with a leaf stone, a line of sky, and a line of sky. Some tourists fish by the river, some go to the racecourse, 120 people. The racecourse is a gravel road, you can also walk if you like to explore. The South Gate is now closed, so you have to look back to this place. Going back, the brave ones can climb over the Worship Peak, and those who are afraid of heights and water can take another 10 yuan glass path out. Walk back to Xianrendu, the ferry leaves the scenic spot. The scenery is good, the water is clear and the mountains are beautiful. Yes, many of the attractions on the map can no longer be visited. It's colder than outside, so you must wear more clothes. It will be better when the red leaves are full of mountains."