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Hot Spring Resorts
Heming Lake Hot Springs ResortNearby City

Heming Lake Hot Springs Resort

4.4/582 Reviews
"Hot Spring Resorts"
Ranked #2 in Lindian Can't Miss Attractions
29.6 mi from Qiqihar, Lindian
"Heming Lake was originally named "Mu Guiying Lake". According to legend, during the Northern Song Dynasty, when the Song and Liao countries went to war, Mu Guiying led tens of thousands of troops to conquer the Liao soldiers. The march is now catching up with the dry land for years, the grains have not been harvested, the people are not living, and the people are displaced. Mu Guiying hurriedly ordered soldiers to use military rations to help the victims, and set up a case to burn incense to pray for the rain to alleviate the disaster, but he did not enter the grain for several days in order to save food. This move touched the Nanhai Guanyin Grand Master, who gave immortal dew, and in a flash, the drizzle continued for several days. After the rain, the lake where the army horses crossed is clear, and the reeds are lush, like a fairyland. Since then, the weather here has been smooth and rainy, the fish in the lake are fat and water beautiful, the reeds are like waves, the cattle on the bank are fat and strong, the rice is fragrant, and the village can get water by digging 2 meters. The water is cool and refreshing, and it is extremely sweet. The people are busy plowing and plowing, slack farming, fishing and hunting, living a prosperous life, uncontested, like a paradise. The local people named the place "Mu Guiying Lake" because of their gratitude to Mu Guiying's public morals."