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Inscriptions Galleries of Han-Wei Dynasty

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Open Open 24 hours
Address: HouZuo St., Qufu 273100, China
Phone: +86 537 448 6500

What people are saying:

Exit the Qufu Confucian Mansion Scenic Area, next to the Han and Wei Inscriptions Exhibition Hall, walk to the south end of the small alley exiting the back garden of the Confucian Mansion, remember not to go out, as a free-visit exhibition hall included in the Confucian Mansion ticket, it is recommended to stop by Look. The Han and Wei inscriptions display the essence of Qufu inscriptions. There are 131 existing inscriptions and 6 stone carvings from the Western Han Dynasty, Eastern Han Dynasty, Cao Wei, Northern Wei, Eastern Wei, Northern Qi, Sui, Tang, Song, Jin, Yuan, Ming, Qing to the Republic of China. Throughout the history of Chinese inscriptions. Among them, there are 6 Western Han Dynasty steles, 18 Eastern Han Dynasty steles, and 4 Wei steles. The number of Han steles ranks first in the country. Famous people in the Han and Wei Dynasty Stele Exhibition Hall include Beibi Stone, Five Phoenix Stone, Yiying Stele, Ritual Stele, Kong Zhou Stele, Shichen Stele, Zhang Menglong Stele, etc. Beibi Stone is a very rare stone carved in the early Western Han Dynasty discovered so far in China. The Five Phoenix Stone is one of the famous Western Han stone carvings in China. The Yiying Stele, the Ritual Stele, the Kong Zhou Stele, and the Shichen Stele are the representative steles of the official script of the Han Dynasty. "Zhang Menglong Stele" represents the highest level of Wei style calligraphy art. These rare stone steles are the most direct and true carrier of historical information. They are used to study the politics, thoughts, culture, the evolution of Chinese writing styles and the historical evolution of Confucian temples. The precious materials are also a gem of Chinese calligraphy. Compared with the "three holes" scenic spot, the Qufu Han and Wei Inscriptions Exhibition Hall is sparsely visited, it is very quiet, and the courtyard is also very comfortable. It is necessary to spend 20 minutes strolling around.

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