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Nature Reserves
Stevens Creek County ParkNearby City

Stevens Creek County Park

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"National Parks"
"Nature Reserves"
Ranked #4 in Cupertino Can't Miss Attractions
37.7 mi from San Francisco, Cupertino
"Let's take a stroll in the park with ancient orchards! When I came to California this time, the one that impressed me the most was Stevens Creek County Park. This is probably the best park I have ever visited in California! Friends who come to California, don’t miss it~ Stevens Creek County Park is in the suburbs and the traffic is not very convenient, so I drive there by myself. I suggest you rent a car and drive there. I don’t seem to see any buses around the park. station. This park covers a very large area, and there are many recreational facilities in it. There is a super large reservoir in the park. I rented a cruise boat next to the reservoir to visit the lake by boating. The scenery is really beautiful. When I was rowing In the morning, I believe the scenery should be more beautiful in the evening! There is also a very old orchard remains in the park. It is said that it has a history of hundreds of years. I walked in and took a look. Now there are some fruits grown in it, but it is not in the ripening season, so there is no way to taste it. If you have the chance, be sure to try the fruits here~ Friends who are interested can come and play here~ Address: 11401 Stevens Canyon Rd, Cupertino, CA 95014 Opening hours: 8:00 to dark. Tickets: Free and open. Transportation: It is recommended to drive or rent a car."